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Spring Coil Packer Wheels for No-Till & Zero-Till Farming

Self-cleaning RYAN NT Spring Coil Packer Wheels give superior seed-to-soil contact & more even germination.

Spring Coil Packer Wheels for No-Till & Zero-Till Farming

Self-cleaning RYAN NT Spring Coil Packer Wheels give superior seed-to-soil contact & more even germination.

No more rubber tyres

No more rubber tires

And what a relief that will be, not to be delayed by deteriorating wheels.

Way better furrow closing

Way better furrow closing

One of the crucial steps in crop farming, protecting both seed and soil.

Handle the toughest conditions

Self-clean in any conditions

The coil wheels squeeze to clean themselves through anything your field throws at them.


Your crops will be ‘jumping’ out of your soils from better seed placement, germination and the simple fact you got your crop in on time, leading to higher yields and more profit.

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Revolutionary Coil Packer Wheels for your Hoe Drill

Imagine the benefits for your hoe drill seeding operation using self-cleaning & self-closing seeder packer wheels! You can use the RYAN NT Spring Coil Packer Wheels in all crop farming soil types and in all conditions, including heavy clay gumbo soils. Our wheels are ready to go in the USA and Canada.

Here's how to overcome your biggest seeding challenge - getting the best possible emergence...

The RYAN NT Packer Wheels use a unique, squeezing action as the coil self-cleans sticky soil and crop residue, won’t pick up seed and packs the furrow closed better than any other wheel.

And there’s more…

1. The coils press air out from the soil around the seed, producing great seed-soil contact…allowing seeds to germinate so much easier than other systems.

2. The coil packer wheels squeeze naturally, reducing pressure directly on the surface… eliminating crusting problems and the formation of air pockets.

3. The coil packer wheels work in any ground – heavy crop residue, sticky, sandy and light soils, without picking up seed from the furrow.

4. The coils are so robust they can handle stony conditions.

5. Excellent loose soil tilth is created above the seed and a hard pack, with potential for much better emergence and yields.

Your productivity and profitability will benefit greatly using our Coil Packer Wheels

First, they can significantly increase emergence and improve seedling durability.

Second, they will improve seed to soil contact.

Third, they help maximize moisture retention in the soil.

What this means for you…

👉 Better soil compaction restricts insect movement that can seriously damage seed & seedlings.

👉 Improved emergence depth with decreased distance between seed and soil surface.

👉 Uniform soil coverage across the width of your planting machine.

👉 Closes furrows preventing surface light penetration, reducing the risk of premature sub-surface leaf emergence.

👉 Concentrates rain in the seed furrow, promoting faster secondary root development..

Options to suit your machine

The RYAN NT Coil Packer Wheels are 16″ in diameter with 2 or 3 coil options to match the closing action needed on your machine.

Beats rubber systems hands down

The Spring Coil Packer Wheel eliminates the hassles of conventional rubber systems, and also saves you time and money! How? By eliminating the usual problem of having to replace splitting or deteriorating rubber wheels!

RYAN NT is a leader in developing and manufacturing packer wheels and no-till farming equipment. We offer coil wheels, including depth gauge wheels and closing wheels, for precision planting and seeding.

Coil Spring Wheel Self-cleans in mud.
Leaves a firm tilth without smearing or crusting.
No splitting or deteriorating rubber.
2 Coil Wheel Width:Uncompressed 2″ or 1″ when compressed
3 Coil Wheel Width:Uncompressed 3″ or 1.7″ when compressed
Wheel Size/OD:16”
Ideal pressure:20lb

AG Master, Bougault, Great Plains, Flexicoil, Duncan, Primary Sales, Gessner, Boss, Morris, John Deere, plus many more. We cover the lot.

What our farmers have to say

Commonly asked questions from our farmers

Single disc seeder and double-disc precision planter row units use the closing wheels. Tine seeders use the press wheels.

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