Seeder & Planter Retrofit Upgrades That Get You Better Yields

50+ years experience in the Crop Farming Industry.

Three generations helping farmers improve their productivity & profitability.

50+ years experience in the Crop Farming Industry.

Three generations helping farmers improve their productivity & profitability.


Our mission is to provide outstanding service with sincerity, quality products and authenticity.

Our vision is to create advanced agricultural technology on an ongoing basis and provide consumers with high-quality products.

With over 50 years in the Crop Farming Industry, RYAN NT is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of retrofit equipment.

Ryan manufacturing is in its 3rd generation with the next generation coming through. RYAN NT has overcome many challenges and celebrated triumphs, by being innovative with new products.

The Ryan family began manufacturing in 1960 when Austin Ryan OAM, a farmer from Beulah (Victoria, Australia), began developing farm equipment in his workshop. After licencing his first cultivator (the Scaravator) to Bolwell & Johns of Horsham(Victoria, Australia), Austin realised a need for more productivity on farms. Uniquely, this would enable farmers to increase efficiency and cover acres quicker during planting. His innovative Scaravator design overtook the industry and propelled the company. Ultimately, becoming one of the largest privately-held agricultural equipment manufacturers in Australia.

In 1972, Austin began manufacturing the Ryan Scaravator, a superior cultivator compared to the original Scaravator. Consequently, it became the most recognised spring release cultivator. In the beginning, the first 50 units were constructed on the family farm. Eventually, due to very high sales manufacturing relocated to Warracknabeal in Victoria’s northwest.

In 1976, for winter planting, Austin built an airseeder (Hoe Drill) for use on his farm. Therefore, pioneering a new level for planting seed versus the conventional drill system. In particular, a seed hopper that would straddle over the cultivator. This new era of Ryan innovations cemented the Ryans’ leadership in planting equipment. In addition, catching the attention of large manufacturers.

Every company strives for a product ahead of its time. For Austin that would be his single-disk planter in 1983 and his deep banding system in 1986. Obviously, farmer acceptance was challenging at times. Nowadays, both concepts are common practice on farms.

Years of manufacturing farm machinery

Crop farmers all over the world have much to thank the late Austin Ryan for. Austin Ryan was the founder of the well known Ryan brand and products that farmers use today. His machinery inventions and plant nurture systems, designed over 50 years, have increased their efficiency and significantly boosted their cropping returns.

When the Australian government awarded Austin an Order of Australia Medal in 2001 for a lifetime of innovation in agriculture, he joined, only two, similarly honoured agricultural machinery pioneers. They were, posthumously, the developer of the mechanical grain combine harvester, Hugh Victor McKay, of HV McKay Sunshine, and seeding and cultivation equipment pioneer Tom Connor, of Connor Shea Ltd.

Austin was raised on the family farm near Beulah in the heart of the Mallee (Victoria, Australia). In his school years, he built billy carts and the like and was renowned for his Meccano set creations, winning an award at the age of 11 with a model semi-trailer. He returned from boarding school at 14 to work the farm, and one of the first things he made was a wind-powered light using a T Model Ford gearbox and generator.

The RYAN brand begins

Austin’s first significant machine was a cross between a scarifier and a cultivator – the Ryan Scaravator. It was 17′ wide, hinged in the middle to cope with uneven ground, and was the world’s first wideline spring release cultivator. Hundreds of these cultivators were made at factories in Horsham, Parkes in NSW, Mallala in South Australia, and Perth in Western Australia, with exports to South Africa, the UK and the US.

Austin patented an airseeder in 1978, and his other inventions have included a chisel plough, twist-on shear points, a coulter drill and a trash float system.

His revolutionary deep banding tine and sowing boot system for fertilizer and seed won him significant awards in the US in 1991. Farmers across the world, who adopted this system, reported yield increases of more than 300 per cent. Austin regarded his last major invention, the Auspoint packer wheels, as his best.

Overcoming Obstacles

The extreme Australian seasons over the years have been trying for Ryan manufacturing. Whilst the severe droughts presented a multitude of challenges, they brought out the best in Austin. In turn, these pressures lead to increased opportunities to develop products to help farmers.

Next Generation

Today, Austin’s son, Paul Ryan is driving RYAN NT. At 18, Paul’s journey began at the plant whilst also working on the farm. Due to this, Paul was involved in the development of products from an early age. Including, but not limited to, concept ideas to trials in the field. To sum up, Paul’s passion for the industry meant that he always believed he would take over the family business.

All things considered, Paul is an innovator in his own rights, with his first major development being a clothesline product. As a result, he went and lived in the city of Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) for several years. For the most part, it was here that he learned the value of building strong relationships. Notably, in 1992 Paul won the Australian Inventors Award.

These independent ventures helped Paul to understand the special nature of his Father’s company.

In 1993 after 6 years in Melbourne, he returned to Warracknabeal. Furthermore, with a deeper appreciation of the innovators in the industry – ranging from employees, manufacturers, and dealers.

Paul and Austin Ryan

Austin and Paul Ryan

Challenges and Opportunities

Paul has witnessed the struggles through downturns in the farm economy. Overall, this has driven his strong feelings about adversity and the lessons it teaches. Paul states “Whenever I’ve faced challenges, I’ve learnt how to fight the battle and never give up. You need to figure out how to grow again and move forward. Those are the times that make you think, re-approach and re-innovate.

Paul has travelled the to share the best farming practices and techniques. “It doesn’t matter if I talk to farmers in Kazakhstan or the USA, the business of farming comes down to a similar core. How they practice may vary, but how they approach the idea of getting seed in is practically the same”. These farmers say that Ryan products are innovative and easy to use, which makes their planting practices more productive.

Our 5 Core Values

The Ryan culture will continue to adhere to its five principles: integrity, excellence, innovation, customer focus and mutual respect. Paul’s father instilled these values into him.

Paul explains “Whilst building a great product that’s helping feed the world, we’re also, making the farmer more productive. It is exciting to see the growth and changes from expanding around the globe. It’s always rewarding to see the results from hard work and taking risks.”


Whilst still being a major player in Australian agriculture, RYAN NT is bringing it’s high quality products to the world. We have farmers across Northern America (Canada and USA), Asia and Europe upgrading their farming practices with our parts. We invite you to come and try them too. Keep up to date with us on social media.   Get in touch with Paul Ryan on either 0417 354 617 or

1. Integrity

We are honest and uphold our high moral principles.

2. Excellence

We provide outstanding products and service.

3. Innovation

We are forward-thinking with advanced product designs and solutions.

4. Customer Focus

We build lasting relationships with customers as they are the overall contributor to our success.

5. Mutual Respect

We build enduring relationships through teamwork, humility and respect for all.

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