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Double Disk Planter Gauge Wheels for Zero Till Farming

Keep planting in wet or sticky conditions with RYAN NT Coil Depth Gauge Wheels.

Double Disk Planter Gauge Wheels for Zero Till Farming

Keep planting in wet or sticky conditions with RYAN NT Coil Depth Gauge Wheels.

Eliminates mud build-up

Breaks down mud build up

No more mud problems ever on your farm, such as pausing planting and cleaning wheels.

Plant in any conditions

Plant in harsh conditions

Don’t sit around waiting for perfect conditions before getting into your paddock.

Plant on time any time

Much more planting time​

Sow earlier in the morning and later in the evening, you can plant on-time, all the time.


Your crops will be ‘jumping’ out of your soils from better seed placement, germination and the simple fact you got your crop in on time, leading to higher yields and more profit.

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Coil Double Disk Gauge Wheels: You win with our revolutionary design

You will see greater results with the RYAN NT Double Disk Planter gauge wheel. The unique wheel is part of our coil packer wheel range for hoe drills, Double Disk Planters and Single Disk seeders. The wheels are available in the USA and Canada.

Consider these 3 standout benefits…

1. It’s a simple process to fit our Coil Depth Gauge Wheels to your machine because they are designed to fit most disk double disk planter row units.

2. It’s easy to replace worn rubber depth gauge wheels with Coil Depth Gauge Wheels…and you can still use the existing equipment and parts.

3. The Coil Depth Gauge Wheel has a more open design compared to other solid rubber or inner lipped spoked wheels. This means there will be a noticeable reduction in plugging up with mud for your double disk planter.

Get in the fields earlier and stay longer with Coil Double Disk Planter Wheels

Double disk precision planters allow farmers to cut through heavy crop residue with minimal soil disturbance BUT are limited in wet conditions due to plugging up with mud and build-up on the disks and depth gauge wheels. This is no longer a problem with RYAN NT Coil Depth Gauge Wheels, meaning you can get into the fields earlier and staying longer.

How is this possible?

👉 The coil wheel system is SELF-CLEANING, so there is no caking or smearing.

👉 Compared to conventional depth gauge wheels, our coil wheels FLEX allowing dirt to pass through.

👉 The depth gauge wheels are SPOKED meaning any mud flows right through so you can keep planting in damp or sticky conditions.

👉 The 3 spoke system allows the operator to view and access the disc hub if servicing or maintenance is needed.

Save time and money with our Double Disk Planter Gauge Wheels

In wet or sticky conditions conventional double disk planter gauge wheels get plugged up with mud, so valuable time is lost cleaning. This won’t happen with our coil wheel system. That means you are save time and time is money!

It’s really frustrating when clogged-up disk machines delay planting. Not so with coil depth gauge wheels that give disk machines the added ability to match a tined rig in the wet.

Productivity and profitability improve when you get your crop in on time. The Coil Depth Gauge Wheels assure you of this, no matter what the conditions, including gumbo soils and heavy corn crop residue.

No problem - leave your crop residue standing

Conventional double disk planter depth gauge wheels throw two further problems into the mix:

1. They are wide and when run on previous rows with crop residue, cause the unit to ‘bounce’ leading to inconsistent seed placement, poor or uneven germination. This is a major issue if you’re trying to run between winter rows crop residue with your disk opener.

👉 This won’t happen with the RYAN NT Coil Depth Gauge Wheels as they have a deliberately narrow design.

2. They are usually made of solid rubber which makes them knock over crop residue.

👉 The coils of the depth gauge wheel remove this problem because the crop residue passes through… adding to the benefits from keeping crop residue standing while still maintaining excellent depth control.

Narrow Double Disk Planter Gauge Wheels + Spring Coil = Smoother ride, resulting in...

👉 A cushioning effect when planting.

👉 Uniform seed placement.

👉 When wheels drop into soil depressions you achieve more consistency and precision seeding depth.

👉 Old wheels tracks won’t interfere with depth control and seed placement as they will with the conventional wide depth gauge wheels.

👉 Longevity.

USA, Canadian, European, and Australian farmers using the wheels have witnessed remarkable results with corn and cereals crops. The team at RYAN NT has revolutionised planter depth gauge wheels, furthermore, taking crop farming into the future.

3 Compression Spring Coils

Natural flex of the spring coil allows the wheel to self-clean.

Keeps the dry soil away from the seed trench.

No more plugging or blocking.

Rides smoother for better seed placement and germination.

Spring SteelOvercomes replacing rubber tires.
Spoked DesignEasily allows mud to clear from the inside of the wheel.
Waterpump 5023 BearingReduced downtime for maintenance.
Provision for adjustment with spacersAdjust gap between disc and depth gauge wheel for different disk seeder or planter row units and wear.

Wheel OD:16”
Coil Thickness:0.55” spring wire
Coil Material:Spring Metal
Rim Material:Cast Steel
Models for:
  • John Deere,
  • Kinze,
  • Horsch,
  • AGCO White,
  • Great Plains and
  • Norseman.

RYAN NT Coil Depth Gauge Wheels vs rubber wheels in muddy conditions…

What our farmers have to say

“They keep the disks a lot cleaner because of the extra scraping side. No block ups with heavy residue, it’s easy with the trash flow. It cleans itself really well…”

– Tim Leifels of Moree (NSW)

Commonly asked questions from our farmers

No, they don’t. The patented design allows the coil wheels to shed mud with ease.

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