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Coil Single Disk Closing Wheels for Zero Till Farming

Get the best emergence with RYAN NT Coil Closing Wheels.

Coil Single Disk Closing Wheels for Zero Till Farming

Achieve outstanding furrows with RYAN NT Coil Closing Wheels on your seeder.

Not too tight… Just right

Furrows closed just right

Achieve outstanding seed-to-soil contact, crucial for a great crop.

Soil tilthed perfectly over furrows

Soil perfectly covers furrows

Not many wheels can do this, but the one from RYAN NT does.

Better and more even germination

Germinate better and more evenly

The greatest advantage of our range, meaning more money in your pocket at year end.


Your crops will be ‘jumping’ out of your soils from better seed placement, germination and the simple fact you got your crop in on time, leading to higher yields and more profit.

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Coil Closing Wheels for Single Disk Openers - a proven aftermarket part to improve productivity

The goal is to get the absolute best outcome in terms of time & money from your seeder… and you will using the RYAN NT Single Disk Coil Closing Wheels. They have shown fantastic results for most single disk opener seeder brands, including John Deere.


There are several reasons we can make this promise…


  1. The wheels self-clean and close the furrows firmly, eliminating air pockets, enhancing seed-to-soil contact.
  2. The wheels are made with spring steel meaning you won’t need to replace splitting or deteriorating rubber wheels.
  3. The coil wheel is designed to make it easy to replace worn cast or rubber closing wheels while still using existing equipment and parts.

With a superb design you get many benefits from our single disk coil closing wheel

The key is to consistently close the seed-vee, fracture the side wall and put loose soil above the seed; if you can do this you get two critical productivity issues right – uniform emergence and maximized yields. Our wheels will do that!

3 reasons we can make this promise:

1. Conventional rubber, spiked or cast closing wheels frequently result in poor germination due to poor seed-to-soil contact or trench cracking…

👉 Not so with coil closing wheels – the auger action of the coil compacts soil tight, screwing the slot closed for better emergence.

👉 The coil shifts an excellent soil tilth across the soil surface allowing furrows to retain moisture and avoid cracking.

2. Conventional closing wheels on double disks usually require chains to drag soil tilth across the top of the furrow…

👉  Chains tend to pull out crop residue and drag it through the furrow, pulling out seed or drying it out.

👉  By using coil closing wheels, the coil will drag the soil over the furrow and won’t pull out the crop residue, meaning you no longer need chains.


3. Different conditions may require you to have a variety of closing wheels on hand…

👉  The RYAN NT Coil wheel gives you the ability to close the furrow and keep it closed in all soil types and conditions, even gumbo soils.

👉  You can be confident that all the seeds are at the bottom of the seed-vee, in good soil moisture, and will have uniform emergence.

This single disk closing wheel will break down sidewall compaction

Wet soils are easily compacted, a big problem during planting…and so is late planting! But no longer with the RYAN NT system. Here’s why…

1. Waiting for soils to dry could result in yield losses; even more so if another rain is forecast in the near future! The yield penalty for late planting is a balancing act, sometimes forcing you to plant in less-than-ideal soil moisture conditions

2. The next problem is sidewall compaction; planter disk openers may create sidewall smearing when pushing the wet soil outward to make the furrow, even more so if you have too much down pressure

👉 RYAN NT Single Disk Opener Coil Closing Wheels are highly effective in breaking down sidewall compaction in such conditions. Much like the spikes on a spiked closing wheel, the coils cut into the side wall and break it down. In addition to that benefit, the coils will then auger the fractured soil over the furrow, leaving the perfect tilth on top for optimum growing conditions.

More outstanding crop production results can be achieved when fitting your existing disk opener planter with our RYAN NT Coil Depth Gauge Wheel. The combination can help create the ideal seed environment, leading to even emergence and higher yields. The action of the gauge wheel screws away dry soil, leaving optimum conditions for the closing wheel to screw moist soil against the seed.

2 Compression Spring Coils Natural flex of the spring coil allows the wheel to self-clean.
Keeps the dry soil away from the seed trench.
No more plugging or cracking.
Better germination.
Spring Steel Overcomes replacing rubber tires.
Fixed axle option Easily retrofit to planters.
Adapter suited for most single disc airseeders Change over your worn closing wheels with ease.
Waterpump 5023 Bearing Reduced downtime for maintenance.
Wheel OD:12”
Coil Thickness:0.5” spring wire
Coil Material:Spring Metal
Plate Material:Pressed Metal
Plate Thickness:0.24″
Adapter Axle bolt:0.63″
Bearing:Waterpump 5203
Models for:
  • John Deere,
  • Kinze,
  • AGCO White,
  • Great Plains and
  • Norseman.

RYAN NT Coil Wheels vs rubber gauge and spiked closing wheels in muddy conditions…

What our farmers have to say

“When we first tried them there was a huge difference. We only had two units with the wheels on, and the germination of those two wheels compared to the other five in our soil was tremendously better…”

– Tim Leifels of Moree (NSW)

Commonly asked questions from our farmers

Single disk seeder and double-disk precision planter row units use the closing wheels. Hoe drills use the packer wheels.

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